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Immersive Music provides a creative high-quality experience
in a variety of genres with a main focus on
uplifting, inspiring, powerful, dramatic cinematic sound.
About me
Hello, my name is Bernardo Vidal aka Blare Vidal – Portuguese sound designer, music producer, composer and sound engineer with more than 15 years of experience.
I've worked successfully in the electronic music scene around the world, touring North and South America, opening for Steve Aoki, Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn), Infected Mushroom and Pendulum.
Produced and collaborated with Shpongle, remixed songs for The Doors and Blues Traveler.
My work
I create music with a three-dimensional feeling, providing the listener to have a full sound immersion, using sonic textures to stimulate different moods and emotions.
Produced with...
Blues Traveler
Rabbit in the Moon
Paranormal Attack
Da Chick
Blared Manifest
Performed at...
Burning Man, USA
NOS Alive, Portugal
White Wonderland, USA
Six Flags, Mexico
Avalon, Los Angeles, USA
Worked with...
Beta Petrol
Rattlesnake Productions
Oskar & Gaspar
What I do
  • Music Production
    All Genres
    Mix & Mastering
  • Composing
    Sound Design
    All Genres
    Film & Games
  • Recording
    All Instruments
  • Music Editing
    Film & TV
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